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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Yellow Matrix Liner

Yellow Matrix Liner


Don't wait for this one, it's ready to ship. This custom liner features a beautiful cut of Yellow Truestone with burgundy/black matrix webbing, a unique material made of natural crushed ore.


Machine Elements:  Yellow Trustone with burgundy/black matrix side accent, Brazed Steel Frame with a wheat clear powder coat finish, Hammer Peened Sideplate, Decorative File Work, Hand-Stamped Copper Ohm Decorative Band, Buffalo nickel spring deck washer, Pure Iron Coil Cores and A-bar, nickel/Copper Hardware and the Aloha Anvil Thumb Screw! 


Machine Baseline stats: A fast punchy daily liner built for medium to large needle groupings (7 and up), medium stroke,  143Hz @5v unloaded. 







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  • Materials

    Yellow Matrix Truestone, Steel Frame, Pure Iron Coil Cores, Pure Iorn A-bar, nickel/Copper Hardware.

  • Stats

    1" shorty liner, drop-down front loader vice, medium stroke, clip cord connection, 143Hz @ 5v unloaded

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