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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Magnetic Clip Cord Holder (Koa/Copper #2)

Magnetic Clip Cord Holder (Koa/Copper #2)


No need to hang em loose! Securely mount your clip cord in style with our new Aloha Magnetic Clip Cord Holder. Hand crafted with premium one-of-a-kind materials, giving them the same look and quality as our custom tattoo machines. Each piece has its own unique characteristics, and will only get better in time. Made with a strong Neodymium magnet base, it will mount to any steel surface. A perfect addition to your workstation!


Handcrafted details:


- Made with a beautiful cut of Hawaiin Curly Koa, professionally stabilized and treated, hand-cut, sanded, and polished.

- Aloha copper nameplate: hand-cut, stamped and hammer peened with slight patina.

(metal will continue to naturally patina with age)

- Brass tattoo machine binders with patina.

- Premium shoulder washers and hardware.

- Strong Neodymium Magnet base.

- Black Felt backing.

- Packaged in a Linen burlap drawstring bag.

- Product Dimensions: 1.5" x 2"


Clip Cord not included


Pricing may be different from other Clip Cord Holders we offer and is partially based on the Quality of exotic wood that is used. Some materials are rarer and more expensive than others.


Warning: Use caution when mounting to a metal surface and be extra careful not to pinch your fingers. Made with a strong Neodymium Magnet.

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