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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Jade Matrix

Jade Matrix


Elements: This Custom Machine features a Jade Matrix Truestone, a distressed blued steel frame with a clear powder coat, a hand-stamped Om brass decorative band, a Buffalo Nickle spring deck washer, a custom A-bar with a Hawaiian Islands stamp, Aloha Anvil Thumbscrew, and Brass hardware. Each machine will be one of a kind. Machine details and Truestone Material will vary. 

Stats: A solid daily liner for all needle groupings 3-14RL.  We are happy to tune the machine to meet your preferred settings and needle groupings. Please comment in the text field or contact us via email for special customization or machine settings.


Shipping: Due to the overwhelming response, this machine is now available as a custom order. Please allow 3-6 weeks for completion. You will receive an email confirmation once payment is made and a second notification once the build is completed and shipped. Keep an eye out for our Instagram stories and posts. You may see your machine in the works. Aloha!


For orders outside the United States, please contact us for customs information and the current shipping price.





  • Materials

    Jade Matrix Truestone, Steel, Brass, Clear Powdercoat

  • Stats

    1" shorty liner, clip cord connection, medium-long stroke,  all grouping 3-14 starting @ 5V

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