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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Lacewood x Turquoise x Koa Premium Combo Liner

Lacewood x Turquoise x Koa Premium Combo Liner


From the small-batch shorty series. Only 2 made with this combination of materials.  This 1" shorty liner features a beautiful combination of Died Lacewood and Hawaiian Curly Koa with an eye-catching turquoise spacer. Hand-cut, brazed, filed, engraved, and stamped with the signature Hawaiian island makers marks. A strong and smooth long stroke liner well suited for medium to large groupings. 

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  • Materials

    Premium exotic combo woods (Hawaiian Curly Koa, Lacewood, Turquoise composite), Steel, Brass and Copper

  • Stats

    1" shorty liner, drop down vice, long stroke, clip cord connection, 124hz, 61% duty @ 5-6v (medium to large groupings)

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