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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Pele Fire Liner

Pele Fire Liner


Inspired by Pele, the goddess of volcanoes and fire and the creator of the Hawaiian Islands. This 1" shorty liner features a beautiful cut of buckeye burl hybrid material that embodies the beauty of Pele. You will love this top shelf collection piece!


Machine details: Buckeye Burl Hybrid side accent (note: This is a natural material, each cut will have its own unique characteristics) , Brazed Steel Frame, Hammer Peened Sideplate, Decorative File Work, Hand-Stamped Copper Decorative Band, Pure Iron Coil Cores and A-bar, Brass/Copper Hardware and the Aloha Anvil Thumb Screw! Each machine is a one of a kind custom build, engraved and stamped with the signature Aloha markers mark!


Machine Baseline stats: A smooth and strong daily liner, typically built for medium to large needle groupings (7-14), medium/large stroke with a target range around 130Hz, 50-55 duty @5-6v. Machine details may vary. 


For orders outside the United States, please contact us for customs information and current shipping price.



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  • Materials

    Buckeye burl Hybrid Material, Steel Frame, Pure Iron Coil Cores, Pure Iorn A-bar, Brass and Copper Hardware.

  • Baseline Stats

     1" shorty liner, drop-down vice, medium to large stoke, clip cord connection, rca is available upon request. Machine specifications can be set to your needs. Leave comment in notes section or contant me for specific details.

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