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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Mystic KOA Hybrid Liner

Mystic KOA Hybrid Liner


AVAILIBLE NOW! Makers choice, from the TWENTY-ONE collection. The " Mystic KOA Hybrid" Liner is ready to drop in your next machine rotation. This one-of-a-kind machine features a beautiful cut of hybrid Koa with a mystic crystal blue resin mix on a hand-cut brass side plate.   This is a well-rounded workhorse liner dialed in for medium to large groupings. Don't miss out on this collection piece.


Want to design your own machine? Choose the TWENTY-ONE option from the machine selections and sort through a wide variety of rare and exotic materials. You must choose! Aloha

Out of Stock
  • Materials

    Koa Hybrid with a mystic crystal blue resin mix, Steel frame.  Brass and Copper accents

  • Stats

    1" shorty liner, drop-down vice, medium stroke, clip cord connection,  (medium to large groupings) Runs cherry at 117hz 50% duty ant 5.5v

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