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Classic Hand Crafted Tattoo Machines

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Made in HAWAII
Aloha x VK "Mexican Blanket Especial" (Liner/Shader/Packer)

Aloha x VK "Mexican Blanket Especial" (Liner/Shader/Packer)


 The Aloha x VK "Mexican Blanket Especial" is now available as a custom order! A one-of-a-kind full-frame machine made with a hand-cut brass side plate and the newly developed claw vise. This vise will hold onto anything! The frame geometry is designed to accommodate liner, shader, or color packer configurations. Please leave your preferred machine specifications in the special notes section along with any additional information you feel nesesarry. 





About VK and the collab

As some of you may already know, Mike Mertz has recently passed away. May he rest in peace. He was well known in the industry for his precision tools and Tattoo Machine parts. He has literally been the backbone to many builders around the world and his tools make life easy. Together we made some slight modifications to his original claw base design and will be featuring them on my new full-frame machines. Before his passing, I only received a small batch of 25 bases so the Aloha x VK collaboration run will be extremely limited. 

Please refer to the "preorder expected shipping date" for the build time and estimated delivery. You will receive an email confirmation once payment is made and secondary notification once the build is completed and shipped. Keep an eye out for our Instagram stories and posts. You may see your machine in the works. Aloha!


For orders outside the United States, please contact us for customs information and current shipping price. 









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  • Materials

    Brass, Steel, Iron, Copper, Mexican Blanket Especial G-carta

  • Baseline Stats

    Full frame, Modified VK claw vice, clip cord connection


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